• Dorthy Richberg

Someone has been praying...

Updated: Feb 9, 2020

Someone has been praying🙌🙏 for an answer, a solution. Maybe it's a way to live healthier or pain-free, to have more energy and time for your kids, to make some additional income, to have a business, to be able to stay at home while your kids are not in school, or to help others in some incredible way?

🙋‍♀️I've prayed those prayers and still do daily! God always sends answers, but are we paying attention?

God spoke a lot big things over my life and planted some amazingly large dreams in my heart! All of them are ways to help people live better. Some of them have come to fruition and others require additional resources like information, time, and money! The turning point in my life was when I said, "Yes" to His answers. I didn't always connect the dots but I trusted God had ordered my steps. I'm amazed at how things have lined up! It wasn't always clear HOW but the WHO has always been certain!

doTERRA was the vehicle He chose for me and so many others. You can be a customer and live your healthiest life! Or you can become an advocate, help others, and earn a commission.

Ask God if this wellness opportunity is His answer for YOU!

Click this link if He says, "YES" and I'll help you get started with your personalized wellness kit. I can't wait to hear from you!