My Story

I've accomplished many things in my 47 years of life. I have achieved corporate success, academic excellence, a satisfying marriage, and exceptional children. I'm grateful for life lessons that provided wisdom and understanding and a real relationship with God. I should note here that though I’ve always believed in God, I didn’t always know Him.

As an outspoken and independent free thinker, I spent many years climbing the corporate ladder and building a life for my family. I studied the philosophies of man, dabbled in scripture, and wondered if all truth was really parallel. Hiding behind a fierce bravado, corporate success, and the pursuit of educational attainment, my life seemed successful. But beneath the surface,  I wasn't content and was always searching for something more. I made a multitude of mistakes and caused a lot of heartache in the process. With all the knowledge, degrees, and professional success I had acquired, my identity was in my doing instead of in my being.

It wasn’t until I found my identity in Christ that I experienced unwavering truth, real love, worthiness, and peace independent of any circumstance.

I finally stopped running--both from and to everything else. I spent years unraveling a tangled mess of beliefs and ideas. As I learned how deeply and intimately I am loved by God and that I could never be good enough or do enough to earn His love, I became that woman weeping at the feet of Jesus and my whole life changed! 


Some years later, after the arrival of my grandson and a string of serious illnesses affected my family, I became passionate and intentional about living healthier.

I learned how to use natural solutions to completely change my life and my family’s life. Many times, what conventional methods couldn’t do, nature could, but in a kinder and gentler way without the harsh side effects.


Determined to walk in my purpose and serve others, I downsized my corporate 6-figure position and built a business that teaches people how to have better health, greater faith, and live a more empowered life. I use my corporate skills to help identify and develop strategies to achieve goals. I work hard at being physically and spiritually well so I can show up as my best and empower others to do the same. I still spend lots of time-solving problems or teaching others. It’s just so much more rewarding now that I’m able to use God's gifts to change people’s lives.



My Why

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